Guided Meditation and Talk


with Dennis Hunter
Founder, CLARITY dharma and meditation collective

Drawing inspiration from Buddhist mindfulness-awareness practices as well as the spiritual guidance of Rabbis who lived approximately 2,000 years ago, we practice letting go of conceptual illusions and idle chatter, and attending to the reality of the Present Moment — and to the Reality of our true Being, which can only be experienced beyond all concepts and speech. Released May 6, 2020. Recorded live on Vimeo for Warrior Flow.


Finding Stillness and Peace


with Dennis Hunter
Founder, CLARITY dharma and meditation collective

Because of our social conditioning and the karmic patterns within our minds, we habitually look for happiness, peace, and meaning from things outside ourselves. We seek the end of suffering in temporary satisfactions and experiences that only, in the end, bring more suffering and disillusionment. But the paths of Yoga and Buddhism tell us that the end of suffering doesn’t come from acquiring or experiencing anything outside ourselves. It comes from slowing down and finally surrendering into the stillness and silence that open the inner door to self-knowledge and clarity.


This talk was recorded on Facebook Live on February 2, 2020 at Miami Life Center, as part of their Chat 'n Chai community dharma talk and podcast recording series. The podcast is available wherever podcasts are found.


Navigating Life and the Spiritual Path by Trusting Your Innate Wisdom


Intuition is one of our most powerful ways of knowing, but it remains mysterious and somewhat devalued in our culture, and many of us are out of touch with this innate form of wisdom. Why is that? And what can we do to cultivate our intuition? This talk was recorded on Facebook Live on October 13, 2016.


Getting Stuck, Breaking Free, and Cultivating Emotional Intelligence


The Buddha taught that your thoughts create your reality. When we get trapped in the trance of negativity, it can destroy personal relationships, careers, companies, even entire societies. This talk looks at how we get stuck in the trance of negativity, how we can break free, and how shifting our thought patterns can improve emotional intelligence in everyday life, relationships, work, and even political discourse. Recorded on Facebook Live, October 27, 2016.