Tarot is a profound tool to gain insight and clarity about events and circumstances in your life and to support your spiritual growth and well-being. In the hands of a skilled, intuitive reader, a Tarot consultation can be revelatory and offer guidance to help you navigate your life's journey.

Schedule an online or in-person Tarot consultation with Hunter.

  • 37 years of Tarot experience 

  • Jungian archetype and intuitive readings

  • General readings or specific questions

  • Love, family, work, spiritual path, and more

60-minute consultation: $99

75-minute consultation: $108



“My tarot reading with Hunter has helped guide the energy that uncertainty was bringing into my life. It was truly a genuinely felt connection with Hunter and the messages that I needed to receive. Undeniably, every thought, doubt and obstacle appeared in my reading and also all the ways in which to navigate through them. I am beyond grateful to receive this guidance.”

— Claudia Lumpkin


"My experience with Hunter reading the Tarot was beautiful, inspiring, and up-lifting. I felt we were so in sync that we seemed to be connected on a very deep level. I gave myself a gift today. That gift was Hunter's Tarot reading."

— Sherri Rosen

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