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Hunter leading meditation during a yoga + meditation retreat in Havana, Cuba in 2016.


CLARITY is a collective of open-hearted, open-minded people who come together to learn and practice letting go of all that obscures our ability to see clearly. Genuine clarity cuts through attachment and aversion, leading to peace of mind and the end of unnecessary suffering.

Because truth is not owned by any charismatic figure or religious tradition, CLARITY is a non-sectarian practice and study collective rooted in the teachings of Buddhism, sprinkled with generous portions of wisdom from Yoga, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, Feminism, Racial and Social Justice, Advaita-Vedanta, and contemporary Neuroscience, to name a few. 


Dennis Hunter has been a dharma student and a meditation teacher since 2002. He lived for two years as a Buddhist monk at Pema Chödrön’s monastery in Nova Scotia, and has studied closely with Pema and with the Tibetan Buddhist master Dzogchen Ponlop.


He is the author of two books, You Are Buddha, and The Four Reminders: A Simple Buddhist Guide to Living and Dying Without Regret.


Hunter's blog One Human Journey has been active since 2008, housing hundreds of articles poems, teachings, and resources. Many of Hunter's guided audio meditations and live sessions can be found on the popular meditation app Insight Timer, as well as on the Warrior Flow TV platform.


Hunter lives in Miami Beach, Florida and is a founding board member of The Warrior Flow Foundation a non-profit whose mission is to ignite social change through bringing trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness to demographics at-risk or in-need (prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters, schools, first responders, hospice settings, and more) and through educating the public about trauma, yoga, mindfulness, and mental health.

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  1. "Hunter is a masterful teacher who knows how to passionately weave knowledge and heart together to inspire his students and leave an imprint. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, he has something to offer you." — Shelly T., Professional Meditation Teacher and community leader, featured in 2019 on the cover of Mindful magazine, Hollywood, Florida

  2. "Hunter is a wonderful teacher. He generously shares his deep knowledge and decades of training in meditation, Buddhism, yoga, and other healing modalities into a fresh and modern style and language accessible to everyone. He is a true teacher who embodies compassion, kindness, and integrity, and supports his students to develop their own wisdom and insight. I've learned so much from Hunter and am grateful for his support and encouragement on my path." — Kimberly B., Buddhist Teacher and Certified Mindfulness Teacher, New York City 

  3. "A friend took me to a sound healing class a few months ago. I had no expectations, I just went. From the first experience, I was hooked. I felt the sounds penetrate deep inside my brain, reorganizing my thoughts in a healthier way. Since then I've been going two or three times a week. I try to go as much as possible when Hunter is the facilitator. He takes me on a profound internal journey every time, and I feel calmer, more centered, and full of inner peace. The sounds help me access parts of myself that I've never been able to reach through meditation before. I'm so grateful to have regular sound healing as a part of my life now." — Amy W., M.D., Physician (Specialist in Infectious Diseases and HIV/AIDS treatment) and Yoga Instructor, Miami

  4. "Hunter's classes are amazing. I've been to his soundbaths and other meditations, and I always leave feeling renewed. I appreciate the work he is doing so much." — Marlily M., Real Estate Agent, South Florida

  5. "Hunter has the most organic, fluid, and unforced meditative methods that I've yet to experience. At the end of every session, I feel as if I've not really done anything except breathe, relax, and pay attention — and yet I am filled with a sense of peace, balance, and clarity. I cannot recommend highly enough to try any of Hunter's sessions at least once, if only to just experience his technique and guidance for yourself." — Martine B., Public Figure, Miami Beach

  6. "I attended a few of Hunter's sound meditations, and there was an incredible intention to the vibrations he created. He was not performing — he was experiencing himself, fully in tune to the creation itself, in flow, and receiving just as much as we were. It was pure, egoless giving." — Ruben Manuel R., living abroad

  7. "I have greatly enjoyed Hunter's classes over the years. They are always infused with a sense of peace, and I always end up leaving the class as a calmer and more joyful person." — Manuel S., Professional Mental Health Counselor, Miami

  8. "The moment I sat and heard Hunter's soothing voice, I was able to transcend into a meditative state." — Janine F., Jewelry Designer, Los Angeles/Miami Beach/NYC

  9. "Meditating can be one of the most difficult things: to settle your mind and focus — until you try Hunter's class. His even and soft voice allows you to slow down your mind, relax, and actually pay attention to your experience. I highly recommend it!" — Susan S., Corporate Executive Assistant, New York City