In our materialistic society, a lot of people think the spiritual path is about WINNING: achieving the ultimate prize of enlightenment or awakening at the end of a long, arduous battle or in a sudden burst of victory, or through some coveted mystical experience or ceremony or guru's blessing.


But really, the spiritual path is about LOSING: losing your illusions, releasing your attachments, deconstructing the false and painful stories you tell yourself about yourself and the world, shedding everything that hinders your ability to see clearly. It's about dropping your weapons in the war against reality and surrendering to something deeper: your true nature.

CLARITY is a collective of open-hearted, open-minded people who come together to learn and practice letting go of all that obscures our ability to see clearly. Genuine clarity cuts through attachment and aversion, leading to peace of mind and the end of unnecessary suffering.

Because truth is not owned by any charismatic figure or religious tradition, CLARITY is a non-sectarian practice and study collective rooted in the teachings of Buddhism, sprinkled with generous portions of wisdom from Yoga, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, Feminism, Racial and Social Justice, Advaita-Vedanta, and contemporary Neuroscience, to name a few. 



Two decades ago, Dennis Hunter was near death, in the jaws of severe drug addiction. While in recovery — in a moment of clarity — he was guided onto the path of meditation and dharma. Like the Buddha's very first teaching about the Four Noble Truths, recognizing the reality of his own self-created suffering was his motivation to seek a path out of that suffering.

Hunter's first experience of teaching meditation, in 2002, was to a group of 75 recovering meth addicts at a retreat in the Catskills. Since then he has shared teachings and practices with thousands of people through in-person and online classes, workshops, international retreats, books, blogging, in yoga and meditation studios, and through outreach to prisons, hospitals, shelters, and more. He has taught in the U.S., Canada, Cuba, Italy, Colombia, and Spain.

Hunter has studied closely with Pema Chödrön and Dzogchen Ponlop. From 2009 to 2011 he lived as a Buddhist monk at Pema Chödrön's monastery in Canada. His interdisciplinary approach to spiritual growth is also influenced by the teachings of Adyashanti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mooji, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Rod Stryker, Ken McLeod, Sharon Salzberg, Ethan Nichtern, Michael Stone, Viktor Frankl, The Radiance Sutras, Chögyam Trungpa, Rupert Spira, and others.​ 

In 2020, he founded CLARITY dharma and meditation collective to address a need he perceived in the spiritual community in his current home town of Miami, Florida. 


Hunter is the author of two books: The Four Reminders (2017) and You Are Buddha (2014). He is a founding board member of The Warrior Flow Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to ignite social change through bringing trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness to demographics at-risk or in-need and through educating the public about trauma, yoga, mindfulness, and mental health.

Daybreaker July 2018
Dennis Hunter and Pema Chodron
Warrior Flow on Lincoln Road
Sound Bath
Teaching meditation in Cuba 2
Tuscany Retreat
WeWork Rooftop Meditation
Looking Serious

Harmony is called the eternal.

Knowing the eternal is called clarity. 


Tao Te Ching, 55:2